Judicial expertise

The judicial expert is an court officer who has been sworn in.
It performs its mission independently and brings to the judge a technical advice on which to base his judgment.

The three partners of the firm are judicial experts.

Judicial appraisal missions are regularly entrusted to them by the civil, commercial, criminal and administrative courts throughout the national territory.

Our specialties as judicial experts cover mainly the following purviews :
–  Economy and finance,
–  Establishment, analysis, control and assessment of accounts,
–  Business management and companies evaluation.

Arbitration / Mediation

Any private person or any company confronted with a litigation may resort to Arbitration, subject to the unanimous agreement of the parties. This mode of conflict resolution offers the advantage of confidentiality and speed.

In general, Mediation applies wherever knowledge is transmitted by a neutral and independent third party, wherever a contractual relationship has been established.

Through the training of its teams and the quality of its legal experts, Abergel & Associés has developed a specific competence in the purviews of Arbitration and Mediation.

Collective proceedings

The firm regularly puts its technical expertise at the service of justice, in the areas of prevention of business difficulties, ad hoc mandates, assistance to judicial Administrators and as experts appointed by order of the commissioner Judicial liquidations, at the request of the Judicial Officials.