Accountant and auditor

Jean-Noël Munoz is a partner of the firm

Accountant registered with the Order of Paris and auditor registered with the Paris Court of Appeal since 1998, Jean-Noël Munoz is a partner in the firm, and the general manager of the firm.

His two-fold academic background in law and accounting, and his many years of professional experience in the purviews of financial expertise, business assessment and economic prejudice and litigation assistance, led him to becoming an expert at the Paris Court of Appeal in 2006.

Since 2010, he is also an expert at the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris and Versailles.


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Jean-Noel Munoz’ other activities

He is a member of the Standing Committee on Professional Ethics and Technical Studies of the Paris Order of Chartered Accountants since 1999 and co-editor of the Professional Practice Guide for the Association of Chartered Accountants, and has held the position of Vice-President of The National Company of Experts in Commercial and Technical Activities (CNEACT).

He is also a member of the Departmental Committee on Direct Taxes and Turnover Taxes since 2001 and member of the Professional Association of Independent Experts (APEI) since 2009.

Jean-Noel Munoz’ actuality

17th February 2015 : Jean-Noel Munoz is re-registered in the Table of Experts with the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris located at the Hotel de Beauvais and the Administrative Court of Appeal of Versailles.

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Member of CNEACT chaired by Alain Abergel
Interview with Alain Abergel on
“Is the principle of contradiction compatible with respect for business secrecy?” on (pdf)