Accountant and auditor

Alain Abergel is the founder of the firm

Alain Abergel began his career in 1980 by founding an independent individual firm, which has been structured and expanded to become a recognized player in the fields of auditing, consulting and judicial expertise.

Taking advantage of his twofold academic background in law and accounting, he became an Expert at the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris and Versailles in 1986, then Expert at the Court of Appeal of Paris in 1987, and Certified Expert By the Court of Cassation in 2002.

He is also a member of the Chambre Arbitrale de Paris, Expert at the French National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Member of the Institute of Expertise, Arbitration and Mediation (IEAM).

His professional activity beeing focused on the purviews of judicial expertise, injury assessment, counseling and arbitration, he served, from 1988 to 1991, as General Secretary of the National Council of Justice Experts (CNCEJ), and then Vice-President of the National Company of Experts in Commercial and Technical Activities (CNEACT), which he now assumes the Presidency.


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Alain Abergel’ other activities

His career led him to participate in several committees of general interest, notably the Study Commission on Financial Regulation at the Paris Court of Appeal’s General Prosecutor’s Office, the Economic Intelligence Research Commission at the Secretariat General of National Defense (SGDN), and to accept specific missions, in particular as a Defense Advisor to the Ministry of Justice, on risk assessment in companies in the sensitive sector in France, which has been led him to become an auditor at the National Institute of High Security Studies (INHES).

Actualité d’Alain Abergel’ activities

17th February 2015 : Alain Abergel is re-registered in the Table of Experts with the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris located at the Hotel de Beauvais and the Administrative Court of Appeal of Versailles.


• Legion of Honor – To the rank of Officer (Official Newspaper of the 1st January 2016)
• Legion of Honor – To the rank of Knight (Official newspaper of the 14th April 2006)
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