Prejudice evaluation

Through the training and experience of its teams, Abergel & Associés has developped a specific skill in prejudice evaluation and financial claim folder construction, regardless of the legal environment in which this work can be used.
Of the technical system quality and the teams set up alongside the lawyers and counsels often depends the fastest and most effective resolution of the litigations for the companies concerned.
In the case of repairable damage, as in the case of civil or contractual liability, the quality of the advice depends on the precision and the rigor of the reasoning to successively demonstrate the damage, on the basis of disorders often material, the links that may exist between these disorders and the financial loss and quantify the prejudice suffered.
Abergel & Associés can intervene both at the stage of drawing up the complaint file and in the accompaniment in the monitoring and support of the interests of the party concerned.



Litigation assistance

Most litigations between economic players result in quantifiable issues.
Participation in the strategy and management of important litigations, involving international players in particular, requires a close collaboration between men of law and men of numbers.
Abergel & Associés intervenes as a consultant to assist companies of international standing in the management of their commercial conflicts, alongside lawyers, by taking part of the general strategy of defending the client interests and by bringing a technical dimension to the contradictory exchanges.