Statutory auditors

The purpose of the legal audit is to let to the auditor to formulate an opinion on the accounts submitted to it, in order to assess whether they have been established in all significant respects in accordance with the accouting framework applicable to them.

Abergel & Associés deals with statutory auditing mandates for companies operating in a wide variety of fields.
The firm’s audit capabilities extend from service companies to industrial companies, from transformation activities to distribution activities.

Audit et transaction Abergel
Corporate finance Abergel

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is one of the firms businesses.

Abergel & Associés assists corporate executives by providing advice in the areas of corporate strategy, the search for financial and industrial partnerships, the evaluation of market opportunities and the implementation of mergers & acquisitions.

Its expertise in evaluation, and operations relating to the capital of companies, and its recognized skills in terms of financial projections allow Abergel & Associés to efficiently support all operations of business rapprochement and restructuring.

Abergel & Associés can thus be entrusted with advisory missions in the context of pre-transaction negotiations, preparation and monitoring of financial forecasts, strategic support in a financing or restructuring operation, coordinating a data room and assisting in decision-making in operations affecting the company’s capital or patrimony.

Acquisition audit

The independence of mind of the firm and the involvement of its partners within the professional bodies (Presidency of a national company of judicial experts, active members in standing committees at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Paris Ile De France – Duties and professional interests and Deontology and technical studies) reinforce the expertise of Abergel & Associés on the most sensitive subjects of financial information.

In this context, Abergel & Associés can accompany its clients at each stage of an acquisition, with multidisciplinary and experienced teams, who implement an adapted approach to apprehend the factors likely to call into question the transaction and to secure the relative financial elements at the sale price.

Abergel & Associés implements a level of diligence that favors the search for essential data and key criteria enabling the manager to make an informed decision, in order to improve the efficiency of investigations, particularly in terms of deadlines.
Abergel & Associés is also entrusted with contractual audit missions, with groups of international size as well as SMBs.

Audit d'acquisitions Abergel