Legal expert

Romain Lobstein is a partner of the firm

Judicial expert registered with the Court of Appeal of Paris and the Administrative Courts of Appeal of Paris and Versailles, Romain Lobstein is a partner of the firm.

Holder of the DSCG, DESS in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering, CAPA, a DESS in European Law, and a double master’s degree in French and German law, Romain Lobstein started his career in 1998 in international law firms, then investment funds and family offices, before joining Abergel & Associés in 2011, where he is in charge of the Banking and Finance department.

His threefold academic background in law, finance and accounting, and his previous professional experience in investment, valuation and finance, led him to be listed as an expert in the following headings :

  • D.3.2 financial markets and derivatives products
  • D.3.3 banking and credit operations.


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His background and his experience make him one of the recognized experts in banking and finance specializing in finance, financial markets and derivatives products, and also led him to regularly intervene as an expert or as a consultant in the field of corporate valuation and economic prejudices.

Romain Lobstein’ actuality

Deputy Treasurer of CNEACT (National Company of Experts in Commercial and Technical Activities).

17th February 2015 : Romain Lobstein is re-registered in the Table of Experts at the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris located at the Hotel de Beauvais and the Administrative Court of Appeal of Versailles.