Financial prejudices

Through training and experience of its teams, we have developed a specific expertise in prejudices evaluation and the constitution of claim financial records, whatever the domain of activity concerned.

From the quality of the technical device and teams in place alongside lawyers and lawyers often depends on the quickest and most effective litigations resolution for the companies concerned.

In terms of repairable damage, as in civil or contractual responsability, the quality of the counsel depends on the accuracy and rigor of the reasoning to successively demonstrate the damage, often from physical disorders, possible links between these disorders and the financial loss, and quantify the damage suffered.

We are involved both during the development of the record claim (daim) as accompaniment in monitoring and defending the interests of the party concerned.


The evaluation of a company is the estimation, based on objective criteria, its potential market value or heritage value.

The concept of fair value required by IFRS accounting standards has reinforced the need for businesses to conduct evaluations of their assets and their liabilities to enable leaders to justify their decisions.

In this context, the mission of the firm is to support companies as counsel for the implementation of appropriate valuation methods.

The firm also regularly intervenes in the context of market transactions or private transactions, in all sectors, as well as in the evaluation of business groups or individual assets preparing to transfer operations or internal restructuring .

The firm's teams are competents to various more complex evaluation methods, as part of the implementation of multi-criteria approach.