Legal Appraisal

A legal approved appraiser is a court appointed expert who has been sworn in.

He carries out his assignment in an independent manner and provides a technical opinion to help the judge determine how he is going to rule.

The three partners of the firm are legal approved appraisers. Legal appraisal work is often assigned to them by civil, business, criminal and administrative courts from all over France.

Our areas of expertise as legal approved appraisers mainly cover the following :

  • Economy and Finance,
  • Account Establishment, Analysis, Auditing and Appreciation,
  • Company Management and Assessment.


Arbitration / Mediation

Any individual or legal entity, when laced with a dispute, may resort to arbitration, subject to the parties's unanimous agreement.
This dispute settlement method is both confidential and quick.

Generally, mediation is used whenever there is a transfer of knowledge by a neutral and independent third party, when a contractual relationship has been established.

Due to its teams training as well as to its experience as independent appraisers, the firm has developed a specific expertise in the field of arbitration and mediation.


Bankruptcy Proceeding

The firm frequently provides its technical expertise to courts when a company is put into receivership or is subject to bankruptcy proceedings and assists court appointed receivers as experts appointed by the courts in insolvency procedures, at the request of the receiver liquidators.